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Who we are

Labhart Risk Advisors Inc. is a Texas based organization incorporated in 2004 that provides subject matter expertise to assist clients in producing value-added, profitable strategies while maintaining oversight and control of their operations.

In 2002, Glenn  Labhart Sr. was awarded the Global Association of Risk Professionals Risk Manager of the Year and now serves as the Chairman of the Energy Oversight Committee for the Energy Risk Program.  Professional memberships include the United State Energy Economics Association, and the International Energy Economics Association.

Subject matter expertise and direct experience to provide industry practices to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.



What we do

The core strength of the company is defining the client’s business risk management framework (market, credit, legal, operational, systems, settlement) organized around the strategic objectives, risks, controls, and alignment. These principles form a conceptual framework for identifying, understanding, and defining risks.  From these principles, appropriate risk tolerances can be established for any business.     

As a former trader and Chief Risk Officer, the experience factor of Labhart Risk Advisors plays a critical vital role for clients who desire a front, middle, and back office approach to risk. 


Above and Beyond

Labhart Risk Advisors has advised and led capital projects on $4.5 BN of real-option, market-based strategies to a clientele of Energy, Financial Services,Private Equity and  Real Estate companies. 

 Labhart Risk Advisors provides risk education leadership services for boards, executives, and all mangerial levels within companies to help develop and promote the enterprise risk culture.

This value proposition to clients is the global hands-on experience in business, risk management, compliance, and accounting which can be tied to all major trading systems and platforms.

Risk Management Services


Business Risk Valuation

Risk Assessment and Aggregation 

A review of systems and process used by Information Technology departments supporting the company’s trading or hedging activity. Assessment of market, credit, legal, systems, and operational risk. Benchmarking to industry standards for govenerance, policy, risk measurement, compliance, and culture.

Risk Management & Optimization 

Review of procedures for compliance, monitoring, and reporting of positions, margins, and predetermined loss limits;  valuation of trading and asset-based hedging programs; long-term deal structure modeling and analysis. Modeling of risk and implementation of real option valuation.


Contract Analysis & Review

Labhart Risk Advisors has developed a process to assess the potential exposure of existing contracts by developing scenarios which factor in cross-default, legal entity, bankruptcy forward and outstanding collateral. 

The evaluation process consolidates all contracts into a matrix that will identify default provisions, remedies to buyer or seller, notification requirements ,specific damages, and short/long term collateral requirements.


Litgiation Support and Expert Testimony

Extensive experience in the areas of trading investigations, litigation support, and expert testimony. Specializing in asset valuation, bankruptcy, breach of contract and damage assessment, we have worked with energy marketing firms, regulated utilities, state and federal agencies, end-user groups and law firms.  

Direct experience with key government agencies to include U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC),  Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and the   U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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